Getting Enjoyment from all Types of UK Music

Most often when individuals think about UK music for many their first thought goes to famous groups like the Beatles. What is becoming more recognized in other parts of the world that UK residents already know, is that the United Kingdom has a wide selection of different types of music that can be enjoyed by all walks of life.

Popular music that can be found in the UK partly consists of…

  • Folk music
  • Church music
  • Instrumental
  • Modern British pop music
  • British Heavy Metal

Also, the music of the UK must be broken down into the regions such as England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, all of which have their own special offerings that they have become famous for.


England itself is known for all of the different types of music but if one had to pick one category that perhaps has withstood the passing of time it would be the English Folk music. The traditions of this music is still being carried on today and is made up of a variety of different types of song and dance and tunes.


Ireland is well known for its own folk traditional music, and when it comes to instruments it would have to be the fiddles that would bring the fondest memories.


Scottish music is well known for its storytelling and its music foundation for dancing such as jigs and waltzes. When it comes to instruments there is no doubt that the bag pipe takes the lead.


Welsh music is most well recognized through its communal dances as well as its many festivals and the instrument of notoriety here is the harp. Wales is also known for producing some very popular and well-known choirs.

While this all outlines the foundation of the most noted music throughout the UK, for the younger generation there is no doubt the UK will be recognized for their British pop music which takes in the categories of rock, jazz, and rap.