This site is dedicated to looking at what really makes up the UK music industry. When thinking about music most of the attention and thought goes to how popular the performer is. They gain their recognition through their popularity. Most perceive music merely as a form of entertainment which it certainly is, but it contributes much more to world.

Throughout the posts here there will be information as to how the music industry impacts the economy. This is often not given much thought to, but music as the whole has a significant financial impact on the UK.

Some of the other posts are meant to enlighten readers about how important exposure is for the music world and how this is changing now with the internet opening many windows of opportunity. There is also some information about how different regions throughout the UK have made contributions to the music industry and what types of music have withstood the passing of time.

Of course, it is always interesting for fans to be able to learn more about their favorite artists and what they will be releasing next. Becoming more educated about the industry itself is just as important as it creates an awareness of how much value music has to offer in addition to its entertainment value. This alone hopefully will create more interest in individuals who are not all that involved in this industry as of yet.

Hopefully you will gain some additional knowledge about the UK music industry that you were not aware of prior to visiting this site.