Recently awarded "LEADING CBD BRAND UK" by Global Health and Pharma, and "BEST CBD BRAND UK 2020" by The Beauty Shortlist, at Love Hemp we pride ourselves on bringing the highest quality premium CBD products to the public, from oils to sprays , vaporizers, chocolate, gelatin cups and beauty products - including the first CBD-infused face mask.


Love Hemp Oil Review CBD UK
Love Hemp Reviews. Should you be buying Love Hemp CBD oils and other products? Find out as our experts give Love Hemp a thorough review


  • An exceptional line of products that includes oils, edibles, cosmetics, CBD vaping and even merchandise (hoodies, tote bags, mugs, etc.)
  • The website has an outlet section where the selected products are still on sale
  • Fantastic customer service and social media presence


  • Even though the website claims all of their products are tested, there is no proof that this
  • Their official site focuses only on their products and does not have an educational section on CBD and its use.

New product development is at our heart and Love Hemp was the first functional mineral water in the UK to be infused with CBD. You'll find our products stocked at many leading retailers including Holland & Barrett, Ocado and Sainsbury's, as well as many independent stores across the UK.

All Love Hemp products are certified THC free, third party tested under strict laboratory conditions and have a guaranteed concentration of CBD. Love Hemp has been singled out as a trendy wellness brand to watch by national media including The Times, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times and The Independent.

Here is our Love Hemp Review, ehich is one of the UK's largest manufacturers and retailers of CBD-related goods. The brand was founded just a few years ago, but has already established itself as a valuable CBD market player. Let us check whether it is true!

At the first glance

Love Hemp was created in 2015 by Londoners Tony Calamita and Thomas Rowland. They felt the market needed a brand of high quality CBD products and decided to deliver just that.

One of their main goals was the idea of ​​continuously developing new products containing Hemp, as well as maintaining the high level of quality of their existing ranges.

And that's not all that's interesting about Love Hemp:

  • Love Hemp claims to be the first brand in the UK to create CBD-infused spring water, along with a face mask and body balm containing CBD.
  • The brand has been mentioned in The Independent, The Times, The Sunday Times and The Daily Telegraph as a wellness brand to watch.
  • One of the brand's creators, Tony Calamita, was invited to London Food Tech Week to host a YFood Talk in 2019.

Since Love Hemp is a company with a lot to offer, you might be tempted to order some of their CBD products. Here's what you need to know.

  • Free shipping in the UK for all orders
  • Quick delivery at 1-3 days (depending on option chosen)
  • Returns within 30 days + full refund guaranteed

Love Hemp CBD strenghts

This Love Hemp review wouldn't be accurate if we didn't list the pros and cons of the brand. So let's start with its strengths.

Of course, the main thing that should make you choose Love Hemp is the wide selection of products they offer. The brand sells CBD oils, edibles, vaping products, and cosmetics.

This means that every type of CBD consumer and buyer will be satisfied, regardless of what they are looking for or their CBD preferences.

Speaking of their wide range of products, you might also be happy to find that Love Hemp is one of the few brands that also offers custom products. In other words, you can order baseball caps, tote bags, mugs and sweatshirts with the brand logo.

Another selling point, from this Love Hemp review's perspective, is that it's not just an online store. Of course, you can order all of your goodies online if that's your preferred method.

However, Love Hemp has dozens of brick and mortar appearances across Britain in case you want to visit them personally.

Their customer service is something the company is proud of. You have several ways to contact Love Hemp if you have any questions.

You can call them directly from Monday to Friday during working hours, you can use the form on their website, you can email them, message them on WhatsApp or DM on Instagram.

Buyers and CBD enthusiasts might also like that the official Love Hemp website hosts a permanent Outlet section.

If you visit it, you will find several products for sale, some of which cost three times less than their original price. We recommend that you check the section as often as possible for up-to-date pricing information.

Love Hemp CBD weaknesses

As you might expect from reading the Love Hemp review so far, there aren't many weaknesses that can be listed about this brand.

However, to be objective, here is what we found. While the brand claims that all of its CBD products are independent third party tested, there is no record of this on their official website.

However, that doesn't mean that lab results don't exist. It would just be a great idea if the company posted them on the website for better transparency.

At the same time, their official website tends to focus only on the products themselves. There is very little information on anything else. The website does not support a blog or FAQ section where buyers could learn more about CBD or receive information on it.

I Love Hemp Products

Since Love Hemp has a wide and varied range of products, we will not be able to cover all of their articles in this Love Hemp review. However, here are some details about the projectors in their collections.

Love hemp CBD cosmetics

Right now, the Love Hemp line of cosmetics isn't that big, although it's a good thing they sell skin care products to begin with.

Love Hemp Oil Review
Love Hemp Oil Review

You can buy Love Hemp CBD Body Balm which costs £ 29.99 and is infused with 300mg of CBD. The jar is 50ml and also contains essential oils such as geranium, eucalyptus, lavender, rosehip, etc.

The other product you can try is Love Hemp CBD Cellulose Fiber Mask, which is also nano-emulsified. It currently retails for £ 6.99, compared to £ 9.99.

Love Hemp CBD oils

Love Hemp CBD Oil 100ml is the brand's bestseller when it comes to oils, according to their own statement. It comes in a 100ml XL bottle that contains no less than 10,000 mg of CBD. This means that it is a CBD oil with a strength of 10%.

Love Hemp Oil Review
Love Hemp Oil Review

You can order Love Hemp CBD oil with both coconut flavor and classic hemp flavor. According to the brand, coconut is faster in action than hemp because the carrier oil is coconut.

Love Hemp also claims that it is the best value for money hemp oil on the UK market. The reason is because, since it comes in a 100ml bottle, it can last for months. However, they don't specify how long it can actually last if you take the recommended dose of 10 drops under the tongue 4 times a day.

This Love Hemp CBD Oil retails for £ 399.99. It sounds like a lot, but remember this is a 100ml bottle, so you get 10x what's in their 10ml bottle (which costs £ 49.99).

Love Hemp Oil Review
Love Hemp Oil Review

Love Hemp CBD edibles

When it comes to CBD edibles, Love Hemp has a huge selection that includes vegan and sugar-free jelly domes, sugar-free CBD gummy bears, CBD dark chocolate treats, CBD infused water, and CBD malt chocolate treats.

Prices in this section range from £ 1.99 for CBD water to £ 14.99 for a box of CBD chocolate morsels. You have the option to purchase a single bottle of water or a 12-pack.

Chocolate Bites are available in different CBD strengths ranging from 20mg to 200mg. While CBD Jelly Bears can be purchased in packs ranging from 40 to 200 pieces.

I Love Hemp CBD vaping

The brand also delivers when it comes to vaping CBD, meeting this need with a wide selection of products.

For example, you can choose from the following: CBD infused liquid which varies between 50mg and 300mg of CBD, available in 5 flavors, the price starting from £ 9.99, Terpenes infused CBD crystals costing 22.99 £, CBD isolate, priced from £ 7.49, liquid terpenes, priced at £ 14.99, but also a Kanger K-Pin mini e-cigarette kit that costs £ 24.99.

Love Hemp reviews

Callum leaked via Trustpilot's 5-star review

I have been using it for over a week and have noticed that I have a more restful sleep. I have had severe sleep anxiety for many years, but most nights. It seems to be working very well at the moment. I feel much more relaxed and focused.

Lisa Piercy via Trustpilot 5-star review

Since I received Love Hemp CBD Oil within 2/3 hours of 7 drops under the tongue twice a day, I feel calm and my sleep has improved dramatically. I don't feel any pain in my knee because that's why I wore it. I will definitely continue to use this product.

Is Love Hemp CBD safe?

Unlike other CBD product manufacturers and retailers, Love Hemp does not have a disclaimer on its website.

However, we urge you not to use any of these CBD products or products in general to cure any illness you may have, whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under the age of 18. Please discuss with your doctor the best way to include these supplements. in your diet.

Love Hemp is a trusted brand that has been featured in many respected publications and aims to provide high quality products. You can feel safe by ordering their products.

Love Hemp Discount Code

The end of Love Hemp's review requires some conclusions from us. Does the brand stand up to all the hype?

Yes. They have a wide range of products that are sure to please all types of customers, whether you are looking for oils, edibles, vape liquids or CBD chocolate treats.

Sure, they could improve the website so it can offer more information about CBD, but overall Love Hemp is one of the best CBD brands in the UK.

Love Hemp Group PLC

The accreditation agreement runs from July 1, 2021 and has an initial contractual term of three years. Under the agreement, Anthony Joshua is committed to becoming a Love Hemp brand ambassador and a key voice in the company's mission to promote its wellness brand. Longer term, Love Hemp and Anthony Joshua will also collaborate on a licensed line of CBD products for athletes, supporting the development of the company in its work to position CBD as a certified and internationally recognized product for athletes.

In accordance with Anthony Joshua's desire to further support the development of the Company in its international growth strategy, he will become a reference shareholder of Love Hemp through his management company, 258 MGT Limited, through the issuance of 'shares in lieu of cash compensation.

Tony Calamita, CEO of Love Hemp Group, said: “We are delighted and privileged to welcome Anthony Joshua to the Love Hemp family. His profile on the international sports scene is essential to the continued growth of the Love Hemp brand in the amateur market and the world of elite sports.

“Love Hemp is a wellness company and CBD is a natural life enhancement. For athletic men and women, this means faster muscle recovery, effective pain management and reduced inflammation. . We have worked hard to create a reliable and fully certified premium CBD brand with a diverse range of organic products. Through his involvement with Love Hemp Group, Anthony will help us carry this important message to the highest levels of UK and international sport. "

Commenting on the deal, Anthony Joshua OBE said: “Love Hemp is a great brand with extraordinary vision. CBD's ability to improve people's daily lives is undeniable. I have a passion for vibrant UK businesses and the good -Be., Love Hemp is a perfect brand for me to support and become a shareholder. My work with Love Hemp will allow me to be involved in the company's aggressive growth strategy and develop my well-focused CBD products- "be with my brand. Everyone should be able to experience and enjoy the many benefits that CBD offers. I look forward to working with Love Hemp to make it happen."

Henry Baldwin, Anthony's Management Company, said: “Love Hemp is a great addition to Anthony's investment portfolio in an exciting and growing industry. As Anthony plans his future after boxing, partnerships with companies such that Love Hemp will improve his long-term investment planning and boost his business interests outside the ring. "

Love Hemp Group is one of the UK's leading suppliers of CBD and hemp products. The company is a pioneer in the UK-based high-quality CBD market, with over 40 products including oils, edibles, sprays, cosmetics, topicals and sprays. The company's product line is sold online on 70 websites and in over 2,000 stores, including some of the UK's largest retailers, such as Holland & Barrett, Boots, Ocado and Sainsbury's. Listed on the Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE: LIFE), the company recently changed its name to Love Hemp Group plc, from World High Life, to better reflect its goal of supporting the then 'best-in-class' CBD brand. that it is embarking on an expansion of its core business and its offer.

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